Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Where is LIC?

Louisiana International College’s programs are distance education only, and our facilities are not used for instruction. The mailing address of the university is 333 Texas Street, Suite 1300, Shreveport Louisiana 71101. The facility is used as a working area for the school’s administrative staff members.

How long will it take to complete my degree?

A bachelor’s degree from Louisiana International College requires 120 credits, or 40 3-credit courses. The time it takes to complete your degree will depend on the number of courses you take each semester. We can give you more detailed information when we create your personalized learning plan after you apply.

Is LIC accredited?

LIC is conditionally approved by the Louisiana Board of Regents for three years. After that period has been satisfied, we will be eligible to to apply for fully accredited.

Why should I choose LIC when it is a new college?

Louisiana International College empowers you get an in-demand degree and reach your career goals with a personalized, online, and flexible approach to learning. We offer a new approach to education with a personalized learning plan and greater attention to individual students.

Our degree programs are designed for students whose educational journey was interrupted. We can help you overcome the barriers to degree completion and take the next steps toward the future you want.

Admissions and Enrollment

What qualifications or information do I need to apply?
To apply for admission to any undergraduate program, the prospective student must submit the following items:

An official high school transcript or its equivalent.

A resume, curriculum vitae, or list of professional accomplishments.

Transcripts of any previously earned credit to be evaluated for possible transfer to an LIC program. Official transcripts must be submitted within the first semester by students who are admitted to the university.

A credit evaluation fee to have previously earned credit evaluated for possible transfer toward an LIC degree program.

A non-refundable registration fee of $150.

Please go to the application section of our website for complete instructions.

When can I start classes? Are there certain start dates?

Our enrollment process is continuous, so you can start your education whenever you are ready to study with us.

Transferring Credits

Can I transfer credits to LIC?

Yes, you can. Please visit our transfer page for detailed information.

Can I transfer LIC credits to another school?

Credit transfers are entirely up to the school you seek to transfer to. Please check with any schools you are interested in transferring to in order to make sure your LIC courses meet your educational goals

Tuition and Financing

How much does tuition cost?

Tuition depends on the number of courses a student is enrolled in. Each 3-credit course costs $750.00.

Tuition is the total student cost for course instruction and student service. Part-time students typically enroll in one or two courses at a time within their individual degree plan. Full-time students may enroll in a complete semester, which consists of a maximum of 3 courses.

Does LIC offer financial aid?

LIC does not currently offer financial aid, but our instution will work with you to identify alternatives.

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