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Louisiana International College is a private college that is currently conditionally licensed by the Board of Regents of the State of Louisiana. The conditional licensure is for three years and does not constitute accreditation, guarantee the transferability of credit, not signify that program are certifiable by any professional agency or organization.

Our Programs are learner-centered and are designed to meet your unique needs. We are driven by the desire to provide educational opportunities for adult students who are underserved by traditional education institutions.

As part of the purpose, we strive to assist students who may fall short of our degree requirements. To this end, we offer preparation programs for applicants who require assistance in upgrading their academic scores to meet our admission requirements.

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Your Future

We understand the skills that are essential for students’ success and what you’ll need to be equipped with in this age of rapidly changing technology.

Our career-focused degrees reflect skills that are in-demand across the accelerating global job market. You’ll graduate with the know-how to meet today’s labour market needs. You’ll also have the adaptability to be ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

When you graduate with a degree from Louisiana International College, you’ll emerge as a prepared professional, able to seamlessly transition from education to your exciting new professional path.

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Dr. Kevin Grant


Dr. Kevin Grant is a widely published author and a sought-after lecturer and keynote speaker. Recently Dr. Grant was inducted into International Educator Hall of Fame for his achievements in education. Dr. Grant has over 30 years of teaching at major Universities in the field of leadership, finance, economics, and strategy.

Along with Dr. Grant’s educational experience he has consulted clients including Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, small to medium business, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. Dr. Grant states his goal is to help leaders and their business create an alternative future to grow in a profitable manner and in the process transform their personal leadership, influencing their team to become more productive, committed, and loyal.

Dr. Grant holds degrees with a PhD in Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship from Regent University and MBA in Entrepreneurial Finance from Azusa Pacific University, with over 30 years in post-doctoral teaching in higher education.

Dr. Grant is a published author with journal articles on leadership, economics and has written books on leadership and organizational transformation. Most of Dr. Grant’s material for books and journals draws on his experience living is the UAE and going to boarding schools in India and Pakistan. As a result, Dr. Grant has worked with and engaged in the international community and views the world through a unique lens.

Jim Gillen

Founder, President, and ceo

Jim Gillen has been an educator almost all his life. He graduated from Christian Brothers Secondary School in Ireland 1967 and became a teacher in 1970.

He graduated from University College Dublin in 1973 with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Latin and Math and earned a Higher Diploma in Education, Honors. He then emigrated to the U.S. later that year with his wife.

His life since has been a catalog of educational engagement:

He taught at La Salle High School in Pasadena from 1976-1979 and then he took a position in the Chaffey Joint Union High School District from 1979-1985 as a Math, English and Latin teacher. He completed his Master’s Degree in Education Administration from Cal State Fullerton in 1983.

From 1985 -1990 he embarked on a career in the corporate and business world as Director of Corporate Training for Builder’s Emporium and as CEO of his own training and educational company Media Management Group.

In 1990 he returned to the Chaffey District as Math Department Chairman at Ontario High School and in 1995 became the GATE and AP Coordinator. In this position he raised the participation levels of students from 85 to 375. He became the AP Latin teacher during this period and saw 3 of his ex-students attend Harvard University concurrently.

In 2008 he became the Chaffey District Coordinator of a newly formed entity called the Chaffey Online Learning Academy (COLA) in response to a flight of students from the district to competing chartered educational entities that were attracting district students to its doors resulting in a $5 million loss to the District. The COLA program ran an online academy enabling students who would otherwise have left the district to remain and graduate from their local high school via the independent study process. The COLA program resulted in a net gain of almost $2 million to the District in its first two years.

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